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Title Letter from Mr. John M. Thompson to Miss Dengy dated Dec. 10th 1897
Object Name Letter
Scope & Content Letterhead:
John M. Thompson
dealer in Choice * Family * Groceries
Centre Street. Near Depot.

Fernandina, Fla., Dec. 10th 1897

Dear Miss Dengy
Your nice letter received some time ago and I was very glad to get it. A negro came in the store just then with a coon and said: "All coons look alike to me". However the coon was skinner and it did not look much like him, otherwise I think it wouldhave taken an expert to tell the difference between the two, there was so much similarity. He bought five cents worth of rice and five cents worth of sugar and begged an onion from me and said he was going to have a feast.
There was an insurance agent going his rounds in a place far distant from our little island city, soliciting the people of that place to take out insurance policies against fires. He made him self especially obnoxious to one gentleman, by insisting on him taking out a policy; so that gentleman bought 2000 of the finest cigars and insured themfor their full values. He smoked the cigars up leisurely and demanded the insurance from the company and got $500, the full value of the cigars by carrying the case to the courts. The insurance company immediately had him arrested for setting fire to his own property and he was given a heavy fine and sentenced to six months in the gaieg (?). Quite a peculiar circumstance. A! The Jac'onville Rifle Glee Club gave a minstrel over here last week and it was right good. One of the jokes they got off was: End Man:- Say Frank, do you know Daw? Frank:' Daw who? End man:' Oh you know Daw Kelly, don't you? Frank:-Yes what about Mr. Kelly? End Man: Well Daw didn't go over to Brunswick yesterday. Frank: Why, how do you know he did'nt go to Brunswick? End man:-Because he was in bed all day. Frank:-How do you know Mr. Kelly was in bed all day? End man:-Because that shirt he is wearing to night was hanging on the clothes line.
You know Daw has a girl in Brunswick.
There is a family here named Prestow among which are three girls and all of them are very nice and pretty too.
I like the youngest on the best.
I started to take a "4 to" of the interior of my store and send to you but when I got my camera set and got a good focus, the sardines commenced wiggling their tails and the ginger snaps snapped at the soda crackers. The smoked meat commenced smoking and it made my coffee mill coffe (cough). The powder (baking) in my store went off and the pepper peppered things up pretty badly. The flour got floury (flowery) but the hominy did not hominize (harmonize) with it for the blueing gave it a blue eye and they wanted to fight but they were no matches. I potted (parted) the hour which was trying to get in the struggle. The pickles pickled up the rest of my stock and placed it on the shelf. But after all that confusion I thought I had butter (better) not take the "4 to". Well good bye.

Lovingly your brother
John M. Thompson
Catalog Number 2004.032.022
Collection Thompson Collection
Accession number 2004.032
Caption Letter from Mr. W. N. Thompson dated Oct 2nd 1895
Number of images 4
People Thompson, John M.
Dengy (Miss)
Search Terms Rail Road Office
Subjects Grocery stores
Classification Business & Commerce