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Title Plat and description of claim of Domingo Fernandez
Object Name Deed
Scope & Content Cover letter
Department of the Interior, Office of U. S. Surveyor General.
Tallahassee, Florida, August 19th, 1889

Saml D. Swann, Esq.
Fernandina, Fla.
Dear Sir:--
By request in yours of 15th (?) to Mr. Davey, I enclose plat and description of Domingo Fernandez Claim T 3 N, 28 & 29 E, on Amelia Island, being a copy of the record of the claim in this office, except that I have used red ink to make the interferences of the claims of Fernandez and Mrs. Cashen show more plainly than they do in the official plat, as this interference seems to be the chief point on which you desire information.
The diagram you enclose in your letter does not show the interference correctly in the southern boundaries of the claims. The enclosed diagram is correct.
With regard to the numbering of the sections a careful inspection of the plats here show that the sections were numbered as shown on the enclosed diagram, that is that Sec 27/T3/R28--of 120 acres is meant to include all that is shaded red, and that township so that the Cashen grant--of 250 acres including Sec 27, T 3 N R 28 E, 120 acres
Sec 17 T 3 N R 29 E 129.18 acres
(total) 249.18 acres
Sec 15 T 3 R 28, seems to be a part of Sec 27 (mistake-crossed out), and shows in only one of the three mpas in the office; I am inclined to this belief by figuring up the area of the Fernandez grant as follows:---
Sec. 26 T 3 N R 28 E 124.50 acres
Sec. 27 T 3 N R 28 E (less Sec 15) 120 acres-23 97.00 acres
Sec. 19 T 3 N R 29 E (or Fernandez part of Sec. 17 and a little over) 78.50 acres
(total) 300.00 acres
This, from all the evidence in the office seems to be the correct statement of the case and this is further shown by the map being numbered Sec.s 17 & 19, on the Fernandez portion in Township 29, and also as referred to as Sec. 27 in the Tabulated contents in (?), as belongs to Cashen & Fernandez.
This would all imply that the foregoing was the manner in which the original claims were made up in the office. It is not quite satisfactory, as it still leaves the acreage of the Fernandez claim in doubt to the extent of the small piece of the Cashen claim lying south of the Fernandez interference, which you will se is included in making up the foregoing total of 300 acres to Fernandez--only the 23 acres in Sec. 15, being deducted.
However, it is evident that this is the only manner in which the figure can be reconciled, and it corresponds with the showing of the only approved plat, of the three which are on record. I mention the two unapproved plats, only as they are quite positive corroative testimony to the above explanation.
Hoping this may assist you, I remain, Very resply,
E. H. Cherley

Fee for copies enclosed $3.50

Cover letter is followed by 4 pages: Plat and description of the claim of Domingo Fernandez for 300 acres on Amelia Island.
Map with Fernandez claim colored in yellow and Cashen claim outlined in red. (signed) by John Westcott, Surveyor General, Surveyor General's Office, St. Augustine, 10 June 1857

Copy of Abstract or descriptor list of private land claim
vol. 3 page 46
No. 112 Domingo Fernandez--300 acres
Title dated April 11th, 1817
Survey March 1st 1817
Catalog Number 1995.024.064
Collection AIMH
Accession number 1995.024
Caption Plat and description of claim of Domingo Fernandez
Number of images 10
People Fernandez, Domingo
Cashen, Susannah
Westcott, John
Cherley, E. H.
Swann, Saml D.
Subjects Land grants
Classification Land description