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Title Plat and description of the Claim of Domingo Fernandez for 100 acres situated on Amelia Island
Object Name Deed
Scope & Content This claim is designated in Report A. as claim 30 (See State Papers Vol. 5 pages 57 & 62) and was confirmed by the Register and Receiver of East Florida in their report of the 13th of December 1827, acting as Commissioners under the 4th Section of the Act of Congress of the 8th of February 1827 entitled an "Act to provide for the confirmation and settlement of private Land Claims in East Florida, and for other purposes." (See Statutes at Large Vol. 4 page 202).

Said claim was also confirmed by the Act of Ciongress of the 23 of May 1828 entitled "An Act supplementary to the several acts providing for the settlement and confirmation of private land claims in Florida." (See Statutes at large vol. 4 page 284).

[inset drawing] T.3.N.,R.29.E

The above plat of the claim of Domingo Fernandez for 100 acres situated on Amelia Island in Township 3 North of Range 29 East, shwoing its connection with the lines of the adjoining public and private surveys, is correctly constructed from the field notes of the survey thereof as executed in the year 1831 by Henry Washington and George Willis, Deputy Surveyors, under their joint contract with Robert Butler, Surveyor General of Florida, of the 31st January, 1831.
Survey executed at a Variation of 6 degree East.

Beginning at a bay post, the SW corner of the claim of J. Bachelot and NW corner of this survey, from which a cedar marked T3S14 bears N 68 degrees E 20 links a bay marked T3S18 bears S 90 degrees E 31 links, and a large L oak marked T3x[original]bears N86 degrees E. 44 links distant.

Whence N 86 degrees E on an old blazed line along the North line of this Survey, which is also the South link of the claim of John Bachelot. 22.50 chains, a water oak post the SE corner of the claim of said Bachelot, from which a live oak marked T3S18 bears S25W 120 links, and a live oak marked T3S17 bears N 4 degrees W 113 links distant-22.70 chains a water oak post, the NE corner of the survey from which a water oak marked T3 S18 bears S 33 degrees W 145 links distant.

Whence S 10 degrees W along the East line of this Survey across open said hills. 40.00 chains a cedar post for SE corner of this Survey ["No bearings found."]

Whence S 86 degrees W along the South line of this Survey. 10.48 chains a bay post the NE corner of the claim of D. Fernandez [Sec. 19[ from which post a bay marked T3S17 bears S 4 degrees W 14 links, a wtaer oak marked T3S13 bears N 88 degrees E 50 links and live oak marker T3S18 bears N 87 degreesW 45 links distnat. 1330 chains a bay post for NE corner of the claim of Mrs. Cashen from which a live oak marked T3S18 bears N 50 degrees W 8 links, a live oak marked T3S17 bears S 12 degrees W 11 links and a red bay marked T3 S19 bears S32 degrees E 21 links distant. 28.80 chains, a cedar post, on the margin of open marsh, the SW corner of this survey, and a corner to Section 19. From said post a cedar marked T3S18 bears N 32 degrees E 16 links, and a cedar marked T3S17 bears S 87 degrees E of links distant.

Whence with the windings of the marsh along the Western boundary of this Survey as follows at 23 degrees E 12.00 chains. (Note-at 10.00 chains on this course a cedar post at the intersection of the line between Sections 17 & 10, 13.58 chains East of the intersection of said line with the line between Ranges 28 & 29 East. From said post of cedar marked T3S18 bears S 38 degrees E 44 links distnat. "No other bearings convenient."] Whence at N 25 degrees E 5.00 chains. Whence N 5 degrees W 3.00 chains. Whence N 45 degrees W 2.50 chains. Whence at N 26 degrees E 3.00 chains. Whence North 3.00 chains. Whence N 50 degrees E 2.00 chains. Whence N 16 degrees E 4.00 chains. Whence N 15 degrees E 5.70 chains; to the NW corner of this survey and place of beginning, containing one hundred (100) acres.

(in pencil on back) D. Fernandez. 100 acres. Willow Pond. Royal title issued to Isabella Jordine, widow of ? Jordine. 18 July 1810--widow conveys to D. Fernandez, 18 Aug. 1810 No survey in Spanish times as far as known.

Catalog Number 1995.024.009
Collection AIMH
Accession number 1995.024
Caption Plat and description of the Claim of Domingo Fernandez
Number of images 3
People Fernandez, Domingo
Willis, George
Butler, Robert
Bachelot, John
Cashen, Susannah
Search Terms Cashen Grant
East Florida
Subjects Land
Classification Land transfer