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Title Letter from Camp Fernandina 1898
Object Name Letter
Scope & Content Mounted and framed letter from Leroy Young, Company F, 32 Regiment, Michigan Volunteers to his Cousin, Mrs Nellie Van Dyke of Clyde Ohio. The letter is dated August 08,1898 and post marked August 09, 1898.

The letter was originally written on the front and back of the paper and it was reproduced as individual pages. The spelling errors, grammar errors and lack of punctuation are copied verbatim.

Dear cusin Nellie I recevied your kind and loving litter and was real glad to here from you it found me wellexcept a bad cold and hope when the few lines reaches you you and the Children are well thir is a lots of sickens here in camp but I have bin one of the luckly wones we have had 2 deth in our regmant so far we burried one boy last friday sent him home he was from Coldwater he belong to Compney A and thir was one dyed this moring in Compney E of our Regmand the hul Regmant turned out and march to the train when we
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took the bodey to the train to sen it home the 5th ohio baried one boy last night they send him home to they turned out jest one compney they diden turn out the hul Regmant as we did when we marshed through the stratsin town I herd some wone say that it was the finest miltery Fernuel that they ever saw wel they coulden do aney beter if our Capen has dyed
thir is about one thiered of our Regmant sick now with some kind fevel
they moved about 30 of the the sick boys to Fort McPherson at Atlantre Ga it is a helthely climat thir than it is here and they will have wommen nerces thir and that wil make a diferans

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The sickens that is here it came from Tampa and the deceis is coming out of them here for we have a good sea breas most of the time and we have a good artesian well and it is a sefer well to an it is good for ones helth that is a a fery good peace you send me whad that Docter said about tobacco and alcohol although I chew tobacco but not much I belive If every one would llive up to that thir would be lest sicknes in camp among the sholder here for thir is a lots of pepol comes in here and sels pies and cake and fruit and all such stuf
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as that and they are all cresey for it to they have a canteen here whare the sell beer and soft drinks and lots of stuf to eat all I git thir is lemnon ade that is all I drink except water and I have not felt bad but 3 times and that was not bad I dont know when we wil go home and I dont know what road we will take but I think we will take the Big 4 to Toledo and then go to Island lake to mustard out or discharded then I hants but 100 miles from Coldwater but I will come out thir as soon as I can and then we wil go vistenthir and we wil take our time to it to. you dont wont to work to hard now because the carpets are coming in you wont to go

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slow with it you wil git alon jest as wel as if you work hard all the time
I rote to Cusine Jenny last week and I hant got no anser yet.
I hant here from Father in two weeks and I have wrote two letters thir one to the person he boards with and one to hime so I cant tell wather he is well or not
but I hoop he is well
wel I must close for this time for drill col is sounded and I must do hooping to heer from you soon I send my love
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best wishes to all tell Lottie I will write to her next time and I am sory that purs was broken I thought that I had it don up so it would not git broken.
wel good by for this time hooping to here from you soon

From your Cusin Leroy

Catalog Number L2014.021.004
Collection AIMH
Accession number L2014.021
Caption Letter from Camp Fernandina 1898
Number of images 8
People Van Dyke, Nellie
Young, Leroy
Subjects Letters
Military camps
Military life
Classification Correspondence/Letter