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Title Abstract to south half of Lot 4, Block 35
Object Name Abstract
Scope & Content Abstract No. 9347. The South Twenty Five feet of Lot 4, Block 35. This Abstract of Title covers that period of time commencing with the earliest available public records of Nassau County, Florida, and ending on the 13th day of June, 1955. prepared by nassau Title and Abstract Co., Hall BLDG. P.O. Box 451, Fernandina Beach, Florida. Made for the use of Mr Ross E. Libby and Mary M. Libby.

Current address: 120 N. 6th Street
Catalog Number 2015.047.002
Collection AIMH
Accession number 2015.047
Caption Abstract to Lot 4, Block 35
Number of images 117
People Acosta, Domingo
Acosta, Jane
Archer, Georgia
Archer, Lelia
Atkinson, Anthony
Baker, Hinton J.
Bellechasse, John D.
Bergallo, Jose
Bethune, Farquhar
Bethune, Mary
Beugnet, L.
Bishop, Benjamin Franklin
Bishop, Fannie S.
Bowing, Fannie
Brant, William
Brantley, C.W.
Brantley, Susan Elkins
Brewer, Penelope
Bronson, Isaac H.
Brownson, Norman
Brownson, Sarah
Burgess, H.V.
Call, Geroge W.
Call, R.M.
Carnichan, John
Cavedo, John A.
Chadwick, Stephen
Christopher, Spicer
Clark, Florence
Clark, Samuel
Clark, W.H.
Clarke, Geroge J.F.
Cribb, Samuel
Davis, Edna M.
Davis, Elizabeth Lee
Davis, Elizabeth Waas
Davis, Ernest P. Jr.
Davis, Ernest P. Sr.
Davis, Kathleen Edna
Davis, Stuart H.
Dickerson, Edward N.
Divarchy, Manuela C.
Dodd, Roger
Doherty, Fred B.
Doherty, Laurell K.
Douglas, Thomas
Edwards, J.A.
Elkins, Alice
Elkins, Bunyan
Elkins, Corine
Elkins, Fannie
Elkins, Harman
Elkins, Harman S.
Elkins, Indiana
Elkins, John Bunyan
Elkins, Josephine
Elkins, Lilian
Elkins, Mary Ann
Elkins, Paul C.
Elkins, Pharos N.
Elkins, Samuel
Ely, Frances L.
Engel, Joseph
Engel, Josephine Elkins
Fernandez, Domingo
Fernandez, Mary
Fernandez, Stephen D.
Filer, E.T.
Filer, Frankie Elkins
Finegan, Joseph
Finegan, Lucy C.
Gay, C.M.
Guyton, Bill Harriet
Haile, Reba J.
Haile, W.T.
Hall, Thomas
Hall, W.A.
Hammond, Davin M.
Hardee, Ira W. Jr.
Hardee, Susanne Davis
Higginbotham, W.F.
Hinson, Bessie L.
Hise, Jesse C.
Hise, Ruth E.
Hollis, Benjamin W.
Hollis, Harriet Patterson
Hollis, Leonidas
Hollis, Lottie Gertrude
Hollis, Lucy Elkins
Hollis, Samuel Bartlett
Holstein, Avey
Holstein, Hiram P.
Howe, Catherine Elkins
Howe, Robert M.
Hoyt, Fred W.
Jardine, Isabella
Jones, Calhoun
Jones, John Elkins
Jones, Josephine
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Sarah L.
Jones, Thomas M.
Kydd, Thomas
L'Engle, E.J.
Lang, Richard
Law, George
Law, Sarah A.
Libby, Mary M.
Libby, Ross E.
Linville, H.H.
Linville, Mary E.
Livingston, Felix
Llanza, Juan
Manucy, S.W.
Maples, E.R.
Maxwell, W.M.
McClure, John
McGinnis, Annetta J.
McGinnis, Joseph H.
McIntosh, McQueen
McQueen, Harry
McRae, John
Meddaugh, Frances A.
Meddaugh, Fred W.
Meddaugh, J.A.
Meddaugh, J.E.
Meddaugh, Mary R.
Meddaugh, Pantine E.
Meddaugh, Zardie E.
Merrow, J.H.P.
Miller, Margaret
Mitchel, Peter
Mitchell, Ernest W.
Morgan, Barbara Davis
Morgan, Jack H.
Murphy, A.P.
O'Neill, James T.
Parramore, Mary A.
Peet, Catherine
Pert, Lessie B.
Pons, Francis D.
Pons, John M.
Powers, George C.
Randall, Stephen
Riggle, Charles F.
Riggle, Edna M.L.
Riggle, Ozias A.
Seton, George S.
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Josiah
Soutter, James T.
Stewart, DeWitt Clinton
Stewart, E. Tracy
Stewart, George
Stewart, Geroge A.
Stewart, Walter
Strawn, Henry C.
Swann, Samuel A.
Tavel, L.D.
Tilman, Dudley
Tilman, Mary A.
Turner, Susan E.
Villalonga, Jane C.
Villalonga, John L.
Villalonga, Julius A.
Villalonga, Seonilla D.
Walker, Tabitha E.
Walker, Thyrza E.
Walker, William
Williams, A.D.
Wolff, Geroge E.
Yulee, David L.
Yulee, Nannie C.
Search Terms Alligator Creek
Eliza Plantation
First National Bank of Fernandina
Florida Railroad Company
Florida Town Improvement Company
Hogan's Creek
Louisa Plantation
McClelland's Digest of the Laws of Florida
Pine Island
Yellow Bluff Plantation
Subjects Land
Classification Land description
Land transfer
Legal documents
Real Estate