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Title Edison Diamond Disc
Object Name Record, Phonograph
Description According to Edison Diamond Disc article it is a type of phonograph record marketed by Thomas A. Edison, Inc. on their Edison Record label. They were produced from 1912 to 1929.
They were named Diamond Disc because their matching phonograph was fitted with a precision made semi-permanent diamond stylus. This made them incompatable with ordinary record players of the time.
They consist of a thin coating of hard plastic on a core of compressed wood flour or china clay. With rare exception all are about ten inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. The Edison system used a vertical motion of the stylus compared to most stylus moved side to side in the record groove. The playing speed for the record was 80 RPM (revolutions per minute).
The records were sold from 1912 till 1929. In October of 1929 the last masters were recorded just before the company went out of business.
List of Titles (18 discs)
Side 1 Is a L---- of Roses
Side 2 The Nightngale and the Frog/for the Clock store descriptive/Fantasia
Side 1 O Holy Night
Side 1 Valse Chrome
Side 2 A Bunch of Roses (Spanish March)
Side 1 Barcarolle- Tails of Hoffman (American Symphony Orchestra)
Side 2 Intermezzo (Cavallarie Rusicana) Muscighi
Side 1 Kentucky Home (Brushon Weeks) Male Voices with orchestra 50849-L
Side 2 Mother I Didn't Understand (Al Plantadon) Tenor with Orchestra 50849-R
Side 1 The Bohemian Girl- Selections (M W Ralfo) Creatore and his Band 50557-L
Side 1 Melody in F (anton Rubenstein) Violin with Orchestra
Side 2 Hamoreuke (Anion Dranuk) Violin with Orchestra Isdork Moskowitz
Side 1 I'm sorry I Made You Cry (Fox Trot) -----Jazz Band 50521-L
Side 2 Sand Dunes- One Step Byson Bay Sax, Xylaphone & Piano All Star Trio 50521-R
Side 1 Just a Cottabe Small By a Waterfall (B G DeSylva and James F Hanley)Tenor 80863-L Side 2 The Birthday of a King
Side 1 Bonnie Sweet Bessie (J L Gilbert) Soprano and chorus with orchestra
Side 2 Forgotten
Sice 1 Evening Brings Rest and You (F H Bishop) Baritone with orchestra Edward Allen
Side 2 Kiss Me Again (Victor Herbert) Soprano and orchestra Marie Tiffany 80454-R
Side 1 Aunawt of the Lawrence Waltz (M Heller)--Society Orchestra
Side 2 Perfect Day Waltz--------Banc
Side 1 Datktown Revelle Blues Foxtrot) Chris Smith & W C Handy
Side 2 Salt-----------
Side 1 Feather Your Nest (Foxtrot)----------Ernzberg's Riverside Band 50711-L
Side 2 Whispering (Foxtrot) John Schumberger Green Brothers Novelty Band 50711-R
Side 1 Battle of the Bations (descriptive) N Y Military Band
Side 2 Oh Qiaxonaon (March)
Side 1 Heads Up March (Frank R Setzer) Conway's Band
Side 2 Love Messages (Moreen Charaeterostoc) Sadero's Band
Side 1 Just Blue (Foxtrot)
Side 2 Smiles (Foxtrot)
Side 1 Miss Trombone (Henry Fillmore) New York Military Band 50598-L
Side 2 La Danoe des Spreleirs (F H Lessey) Sodera's Band 50598-R

Catalog Number 2016.187.001
Caption Edison Diamond Disc Cover Front
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Collection AIMH